"Monkey Hatchet Productions LLC" Mission Statement:

As a writing, directing and producing team; our goal is to create quality films using local resources and raw talent.  With several ideas in the pipeline we hope to have our name and production values in homes all across the world.  Working in the film industry has opened our eyes to what audiences today want from a film.  Through our first venture, we hope to bring our internet webseries to a broader audience and turn our brilliant ideas into reality.  As a multifaceted company, we believe we have the ideas that can be used in any market; whether it be book, television, film or web.  With our honest approach to film making we hope to expand the average viewers minds through all mediums.  We will be producing all genres, from dramas to comedies to horror.  There's no telling what we're capable of....because we like to monkey around.

Monkey Hatchet Productions LLC was founded on September 1st, 2009 by Jamie Kuzma and Brandon Hansel.

We are currently starting production of a webseries project entitled "Inside Room #334."  


"Inside Room #334"

This first project we present to you is a webisode series that takes place in a hotel room.  Our first season consists of ten 20 minute webisodes without any cuts.  Each webisode is shot from the perspective of a spy camera in the peephole of Room #334.  Each episode will be unrelated to the next, as it will be a new experience with different occupants.

Everything happens in this hotel room... from the mad and macabre to the exhilarating and spectacular.  Every episode contains a real life situation with real life emotion.

So, get ready to invade the privacy of others, in the non-stop roller coaster ride that is “Inside Room #334.”

**Series airing now!  Check it out at www.insideroom334.com


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