Our Big Debut

November 25, 2010
Well everyone, the time has come! December 1st, 2010 at 8pm PST, we will be premiering our first episode of the "Inside Room 334" web series.  We have had an amazing time and in anticipation of the debut we have asked friends and family members to lend a helping hand. We sent out promotional materials to New York, Tampa, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Texas, Montana and many other including London!  
Please, if you are reading this post, know that you can help as well!  If you have a facebook or twitter account, please follow us for all updates concerning Monkey hatchet Productions and don't forget to tune in next Wednesday at 8pm at www.insideroom334.com

A Date in the 80's

November 8, 2010
We just finished our 9th episode for "Inside Room #334."  It's called "A Date in the 80's."  Get your kleenex's out...this one's a tear jerker!!
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It Has Been Sometime...

September 28, 2010
Well Hello!  I would like to fill everyone in about what has been taking place over at Monkey Hatchet since our last blog post.  We now have 5 episodes in the can and ready for editing.  As you can imagine we are very excited.  It has been great to see every step of the process take place right in front of our eyes.  We have been working hard and we have also brought on a couple of new people to our team.  Adam Skolnik and Jake Krickhan have joined us and brought their talents with them.  Ada...
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Episode 2 is shot!

July 16, 2010
Thanks for everyone's hard work on "Its My First Time"

Casting for the next two episodes coming up next weekend and the weekend following!!

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Trailer is up for "Inside Room #334"!

July 2, 2010
Please check it out at:  www.insideroom334.com

We have also shot one full episode.  We are going to shoot the next episode on July 10th. 

Gotta keep the ball rollin'!! 
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Starting to cast!

April 23, 2010
Our website is up and running and we're almost done editing our trailer.  We're starting open casting on Sat., May 8th.  :) 
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Trailer shot!

April 5, 2010
We filmed all weekend long.  Our trailer has now been shot.  Talk soon - off to edit!
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March 24, 2010
We have finally had our hard work realized, the set for "Inside Room #334" is finished.

After the unveiling party this weekend, we will move forth with filming the trailer.

Look out World!

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Next Step: Interior

March 16, 2010

We're getting there!  The shell of the set is finished.  No more painting, sanding, cutting or screwing.  Yay!
This next Sunday is interior design day.  Then a party.  Then we'll be shooting our trailer.  We think we have our priorities straight.  :)

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Almost there!

March 2, 2010
We're still working away on the set for "Inside Room #334."  By this Sunday, we will be finished!!  Unveiling party soon!   
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Brandon Hansel and Jamie Kuzma created Monkey Hatchet Productions LLC on 9/1/09. As a writing, directing and producing team, there will always be something to share!


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