Well Hello!  I would like to fill everyone in about what has been taking place over at Monkey Hatchet since our last blog post.  We now have 5 episodes in the can and ready for editing.  As you can imagine we are very excited.  It has been great to see every step of the process take place right in front of our eyes.  We have been working hard and we have also brought on a couple of new people to our team.  Adam Skolnik and Jake Krickhan have joined us and brought their talents with them.  Adam has been working at getting Monkey Hatchet to be a house hold name with a facebook fan page and a twitter feed, while Jake has been filling the room with talented actors as our casting director.  Both have been a welcomed addition to the Monkey Hatchet team.
Please become our fan of facebook and look for further details about our upcoming shooting schedules and casting sessions.  More blogs to follow as well.